Meet our elia service providers. All of therapists have a passion and desire to bring you the best possible experience at elia. The love what they do and it's impossible for me (nichole) to choose one over the other. They have been hand chosen to serve you at elia and I am confident that they will take fabulous care of you when you come visit us.   

Nichole Nace
Founder & Aesthetician

Nichole moved here from Pennsylvania in 2005 as a newly-wed to her high school sweet heart. She naturally entered the world of Aesthetics & instantly knew she found what she was supposed to be doing. She truly enjoys everything Aesthetics has to offer & will help you drift away while she works her magic on your skin. She is also passionate about educating on toxin-free skincare & how you can achieve healthy glowing skin without compromise. She also enjoys giving clients a relaxing waxing experience at elia. SPECIALITIES: Education, Custom Facials, Dermaplane, Oxygen Facials, Waxing, Sugaring & helping you find your Happy Place.

Victoria Woods

Victoria was adopted from Malina Philippines and grew up in the United States. She has a unique firm, but gentle touch when giving facials that will make you sink into the bed. She enjoys learning about new skincare products & helping guests find what works best for their skin. She has a heart for American Sign Language and enjoys teaching people new words in Sign Language. Her care and love for others are part of what makes her the perfect addition to our elia family. SPECIALITIES: Dermaplane, Custom Facials, Oxygen Facials and Brows and knowing how to speak to you without ever saying a word. 

Keragan Hall

Keragan was born & raised right here in Columbia, TN. This beautiful soul was created to love others and makes you feel like you've known each other for years from the second she meets you. Keragan is passionate about all things skin & loves helping others feel beautiful in their own skin. She enjoys educating her clients on proper skincare & services & how it will help their skin glow all year long. She has a special touch when giving her facial massages so be sure and try to stay awake to experience her Facials. Keragan also has a deep love for her sweet fur babies. SPECIALITIES: Custom Facials, Dermaplane, Oxygen Facials, Bikini/Brazilian Waxing, Makeup & bringing you that Southern Charm you find in a small town.

Marlee Hayes

Marlee is a charming Southern Soul from right here in Columbia. She is dedicated to always reaching for more & bringing you the best in Skin Care. She is passionate about life, family & her facial massage! She is ready to help you achieve the balanced & glowing skin you've been looking for. Marlee has gentle touch when it comes to taking care of your brows and guests even say that it doesn't even hurt a bit! She is also known to put guests to sleep during a facial. She is a very talented Makeup Artist and ready to enhance your beautiful skin. SPECIALITIES: Custom Facial, Dermaplane, Brow Waxing & Makeup.

Jennifer Leigh 
Massage Therapist

In 2010 Middle Tennessee welcomed this beauty from Missouri. Jennifer is that friend you have that just has that massage 'touch'. Entering Massage Therapy was a natural step for her and she immediately knew she was where she was supposed to be. She loves helping people release stress and tightened muscles through her gift. Jennifer also helps you by giving you suggestions post massage to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your time spent with her. Whether you are looking for a massage to put you to sleep or one that digs deep--this is your gal! SPECIALITIES: Deep Tissue & your go to gal for all things music.

LaMorris Shelton
Massage Therapist

LaMorris joined the elia family in the Summer of 2020. He is a family man who grew up in the south. He has a passion to help others feel their best. He is a very skilled and talented Massage Therapist who's clients leave elia with a sense of restoration. LaMorris can give a great Deep Tissue Massage or a stress relieving Swedish Massage. He is also certified in pre-natal massage therapy. We are confident that you will meet us at the front desk ready to make your next appointment when your finished with your treatment at elia. SPECIALITIES: deep tissue, pre-natal and winner of the kindest man you will ever meet. 

Darla Tutterow
Massage Therapist

Darla moved from her home state of Alabama to Tennessee and enjoys her time with family. She has a heart and passion to help others and is licensed in TN & AL to practice Massage Therapy. Darla is dedicated and committed to giving you the massage you are looking for. She brings Joy & Peace wherever she goes and you will walk away from your massage feeling lighter--- and wanting to take a 3 hour nap! SPECIALITIES: Swedish, Pre-natal & winner of the best southern accent. 

Our Lovely Front Desk Support Staff

Jaime Smith
Front Desk

Who doesn't love a good laugh??? This New Jersey born gal brought her amazing sense of humor with her when she made Middle Tennessee her home in 2013. Having managed a spa in the past and running a household of 7, we knew Jaime would fit right in at elia! She greets each guest by their name and remembers all of the little details. As we like to say around elia, "everybody needs a Jaime in their life." SPECIALITIES: all the little details & a song for every detail of life.

Jennifer Kasdorf
Front Desk

You may have seen this beautiful gal around our little Square. She is a face in Columbia that is familiar and kind. She is here to greet you at elia and help you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door. She wants to make sure you have what you need and help answer any questions you may have. She has a talent for all things woven...so if you need a one of a kind woven piece of art, this your gal. SPECIALITIES: loving and relaing to everyone she meets

Lisa Dennison
Front Desk

We'll have a picutre of this beautiful gal up soon. But, until then I guess you will just have to come in and meet her. Lisa joined us earlier in 2020 and has been a huge assest to elia. She is always a step ahead of and making sure everything is taken care of. Her smile is contagious and laughter is medicine. So, until I get my act together and get a photo up -- come on in and say hi! SPECIALITIES: When she says she understands, she really does and will always stick to her word. 

Maddie Trainor
Front Desk

(face in my hands) I know, I need a photo of the beautiful Maddie too! Even though Madde may be the newest addition to the elia family she fits right in like she's been here from the beginning. Maddie recently moved back to Columbia and we could not be more thrilled to have her help take care of our guests. She is on top of things and always a step ahead. Now, you will have to come in say hello and have her help pick out the perfect service for you. SPECIALITIES: getting the job done right and having the BEST BROWS EVER