Meet our elia service providers. All of therapists have a passion and desire to bring you the best possible experience at elia. The love what they do and it's impossible for me (nichole) to choose one over the other. They have been hand chosen to serve you at elia and I am confident that they will take fabulous care of you from the moment you schedule your appointment until when you are walking out the door and looking forward to your next service at elia. 

ēlia's gifted aestheticians

                      Nichole Nace
              Founder & Aesthetician

Nichole moved here from Pennsylvania in 2005 as a newly-wed to her high school sweet heart. They have 4 wonderful children together. She naturally entered the world of Aesthetics & instantly knew she found what she was supposed to be doing. She truly enjoys everything Aesthetics has to offer & will help you drift away while she works her magic on your skin. She is also passionate about educating on toxin-free skincare & how you can achieve healthy glowing skin without compromise. She also enjoys giving clients a relaxing waxing experience at elia. SPECIALITIES: Education, Custom Facials, Dermaplane, YonKa Facials, Full Body Waxing, & helping you find your Happy Place.

What her guests are saying: 
Nichole was very professional. I had never had a resurfacing dermaplane facial before, but I highly enjoyed it! She also recommended some great products for me to try.

rileigh headshot june 2023.jpg__PID:8105707a-32c8-4799-82ca-1607741b925d

                        Rieleigh Colón                         Aesthetician

Rileigh has been with elia since the earlier part of 2023. She is attentive & ready to help your experience at elia be one that will leave you wanting to come back again and again. Rileigh has a natural ability to make you sink into the treatment bed while she attends to your skins needs.

SPECIALITIES: YonKa Facial, Brazilian and full body waxing, Brow Laminations, Dermaplane

What her guests are saying: 
Rileigh was amazing. One of the most relaxing facials I’ve ever had.

                        Keragan Hall

Keragan has been with elia from nearly the beginning. She walked into elia in May of 2017 and has been serving our elia guests ever since. To know her is to know how to laugh and enjoy the day. She is always curating her craft and finding new and sustainable ways to serve her guests. Her facial massage will leave you melting into the bed!

SPECIALITIES: Dermaplane, YonKa Facials, Upper Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Brazilian & Bikini Waxing, Skin Sheek & All things brows and lashes. 

What her guests are saying: 
Keragan is exceeded my expectations each time I visit. She is knowledgeable, personable and professional. Would recommend her to anyone. Elia is lucky to have her.

Amelia Tanner 

Amelia has become a familiar face around elia since the end of 2022. She began on the Front Desk & has fully transisitoned to the treatment room. Amelia loves all things related to skin care. She gives an incredibly relaxing Facial Massage and thurough Dermaplane. She loves her family and always seems to have her calender full of adventures. 
SPECIALITIES: Dermaplane, YonKa Facials, Lash Lifts & Tints and our Balancing Facial. 

What her guests are saying: 
I had never had a facial before and this facial was out of this world. Will definitely be back to get another one from Amelia!

alyssa black and white.jpg__PID:92317ece-1665-4d57-b6dd-4ebd6c98f970

Alyssa Loera

Alyssa is part of our talented Aesthetics team at elia. Her drive and passion for others will leave you knowing that you are in good hands. She will make you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door and will leave you feeling rested, rejuvinated and ready for the day. 
SPECIALITIES: Dermaplane, Lash Lift, Brow Laminations and all of the facials we offera at elia. 

madeline black and white.jpg__PID:13a6c163-d4e8-4d4f-b286-0ed633cf4855

                    Madeline Gobble                                               Aesthetician

We are so thankful to have Madeline a part of the elia Aesthetics team. Her passion and drive to help women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin is contagious. She has a desire for all things skin care and is ready to help you unwind, destress and give you a facial massage you won't soon forget. Madeline is also well versed in full body waxing!
SPECIALITIES: Dermaplane, Brazilian and Bikini waxing, Lash Lifts, Brow Laminations and helping you feel your best. 

ēlia's gifted massage therapists

                     Christy Dunbar
                  Massage Therapist 

Christy is a veteran when it comes to massage therapy. She is well versed in many massage techniques-including prenatal. She has also been a massage instructor for several years. Christy will help get your muscles relaxed and moving freely again. Fun Fact: Christy & Nichole met in the paint isle at lowes before elia ever opened. Discovered they lived close together, kept in communication & when the time was right Christy started at elia! 

SPECIALITIES: Swedish, Deep Tissue & Prenatal


Amy Boliba
Massage Therapist

If you've ever met Amy, then you know the type of person she is. Kind, sweet and ready to help your muscles relax so you get a good nights sleep. Amy has been with elia since 2020 and after a short hiatus has returen to serve our elia guests. 

SPECIALITIES: Swedish, Prenatal, Hot Stone and finding the perfect thrifted antique! 

What her guests are saying:
I’ve had many massages and this one blew me away. Amy knew exactly where to go and had just the right pressure for me because I am very sensitive. Never had a better massage!

                          Jill Mayhew
                     Massage Therapist 

Jill is a joy to be around and has been with elia since May 2023. We are honored to have her at elia as she is a certified in Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She is also your gal to go for when your looking for a great foot massage. She has also brought Thai Foot Massage to elia and you are sure to be able to relax when you see Jill at elia. She has a contagious personality that will make you just want to be around her. 
SPECIALITIES: Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage,  Thai Foot Reflexology & making you feel at home wherever you are. She also loves kayaking! 

What her guests are saying: Jill was thoughtful, gentle and calming. She was extremely attentive and thorough. I left feel like my entire mind and body had a much needed "reset". I've already booked my next appointment! And if you've never had a massage before, trust me, this is the perfect place to try it out. Give yourself the chance to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. 


Stacey Runyon
Massage Therapist 

Stacey loves caring for others. There is so much joy when you're able to helpsome and she exhudes it! Stacey joined elia in 2023 but is no stranger as she has worked with a few of our employees several years ago. 
She gives a delightful massage and is able to work out those trigger spots. 

 SPECIALITIES: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone & Prenatal 

What her guests are saying: 
Stacey provided exactly the therapeutic relief I was looking for and did not disappoint. She was kind, punctual and I never saw her without a smile. So glad I made the appointment.

Andrea Netterville
Massage Therapist 

If you've had the opportuinity to visit Andrea then you know that she is naturally gifted at working your trigger points through Massage Therapy. She has a way to make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the massage room with her. 

SPECIALITIES: Trigger Point Therapy(deep tissue) & Swedish Massage.

What her guests are saying: 
Andrea was EXCEPTIONAL! Already planning next visit with ANDREA!

Jennifer Kelley
Massage Therapist 

Jennifer is passionate about serving our guests at elia. She has a way to get to the heart of muscles issues and give a relaxing but effective massage. She is a pleasure to be around and ready to help you feel your best. 

 SPECIALITIES: Trigger Point Therapy(deep tissue), Prenatal, Hot Stone & Swedish Massage.

What her guests are saying:
Jennifer, the massage absolutely phenomenal! You worked out all of the horribly knotted muscles in my back and neck and I cannot wait to come back! I have already booked for next month. Thank you again!!

Our Incredible Front Desk Support Staff

Jaime Gawthorp
Spa Manager

Who doesn't love a good laugh??? This New Jersey born gal brought her amazing sense of humor with her when she made Middle Tennessee her home in 2013. Having managed a spa in the past and running a household of 7, we knew Jaime would fit right in at elia! She greets each guest by their name and remembers all of the little details. As we like to say around elia, "everybody needs a Jaime in their life." SPECIALITIES: all the little details & a song for every detail of life.

Jennifer Crigger
Front Desk

You may have seen this beautiful gal around our little Square. She is a face in Columbia that is familiar and kind. She is here to greet you at elia and help you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door. She wants to make sure you have what you need and help answer any questions you may have. She has a talent for all things woven...so if you need a one of a kind woven piece of art, this your gal. SPECIALITIES: loving and relaing to everyone she meets


Tori Chamberlain
Front Desk

Tori is no stranger to elia and we are grateful to have her on our Front Desk Team. She began as an Aesthetican when she first began at elia and now enjoys serving our guests as they walk in and check out. 

SPECIALITIES: Serving our guests with a beautiful smile and caring for everyone while they are at elia. 

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