60 mins | $80

Your skin is unique. Your facials should be too! We start with a thorough skin analysis. From there your Aesthetician will determine what treatment will be best for your skin. Each customized facial includes Cleaning, Toning, Exfoliating, Massage, Mask and Moisture. Extractions will be performed on an as needed basis. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, mature, acne or just want to keep that glow, you are sure to find what your looking for. Your customized facial will last approximately 1 hour.*


30 mins | $50

A perfect introduction or lunch time facial. Enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing while your Aesthetician performs a mini version of our Custom Facial. 


60-70 mins | $95

Enjoy the many benefits of herbal extracts during this 60-70 Minute Facial. You will drift away as your skin is meticulously taken care of. You will not only get a hand an arm massage but also enjoy a jade stone anti inflammatory massage during your mask. Our Herbal Facials are great for anyone who is desiring even skin tone, reduced redness, clearer and oxygenated pores and those wanting to age gracefully. This facial is safe while pregnant or nursing.


90-100 mins | $135

Enjoy the many benefits of Herbal Extracts during this 90-100 Minute Facial. Our Herbal Balancing Facial not only includes everything the Herbal Balancing Facial, but also the benefits of Dermaplane. Dermplane will allow for deeper product absorption during and the weeks following your facial. *this is Nichole's favorite facial with an added Oxygen Infusion


2 hours 20 mins | $225

This is our most luxurious and lengthly Facial we offer at elia. Enjoy the benefits of Herbal Extracts, Oxygen and Dermaplane! You are sure to drift away as your Aesthetician treats your skin to reduce redness, even skin tone, deeply exfoliate and hydrate your skin. We can't wait to see your skin transform during you next relaxing facial at elia.


30 mins | $60

The perfect facial for an into or lunch time getaway. Receive the benefits with an abbreviated Herbal Balancing treatment while relaxing at elia.


20 mins | $22

This facial was inspired by our founder's 2 little princesses. Girls 2-12 come in and are treated like a princess from the moment they walk in the door. Mom, you will be with her the entire time. This is the perfect way to teach her how important it is to take care of herself and learn the basics of skincare. Her skin will be gently cleansed, toned, masked, massaged and moisturized leaving them relaxed for the rest of the day. This is a PERFECT Mommy/Daughter date! Her facial will last approx. 20 minutes

add on 

10 mins | $25

Increase the benefits to any facial or dermaplane with a 10 minute Oxygen Infusion. A great boost to purify pores, increase collagen production and give you glowing skin. 


20 mins | $20

Just don't want to get up off of the heated bed after your treatment? Well, now you don't have to! Enjoy 20 minutes of uninterrupted NAP TIME!!! You will be woken up with a gentle knock on the door.

Oxygen & Dermaplane Facials

A perfect treatment for anyone wanting to age gracefully. To find out more details click on the Anti-Aging tab. 

MANUAL lymphatic drainage facial

1 hr 30 mins | $125

Enjoy the benefits of our relaxing Custom Facial or Dermaplane Glow with a complete Lymphatic Drainage Session. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is found boost your immune system, detox your body, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. This is a fantastic speciality facial for anyone who is looking to relax, destress and promote overall wellness.
*all MLD is performed by Keragan Hall who is certified in MLD

MANUAL lymphatic drainage add on

20 mins | $30

Want to give Manual Lymphatic Drainage a try? Add an additional 20 minutes of Manual Lymphatic Drainage to any facial and see what it can do for you.
*all MLD is performed by Keragan Hall who is certified in MLD 


*when seeing Nichole, our founder, an additional $10 will be added to any 30 minute facial service and $15 to any facial 60+ minute facial service.
All times are approximate.