oily & problem skin

      rain. rain. come to stay! Ever feel by mid-afternoon that your glasses or makeup is falling off your face? Not anymore!!! Not to mention -rain- smells amazing!!! 

      rain toner is a favorite among elia skincare users! We love rain because it helps control how much oil your skin produces but leaves your skin feeling hydrated at the same time.  rain is the perfect skincare routine addition for anyone that has oily or problem-prone skin. Let rain leave your skin perfectly balanced after cleansing morning and night. 

      Pairs with : Purify, Control, Polish, Mask and Remove

      Service pairing @ elia: The Deep Cleanse, Dermaplane Facials, Oxygen Facials. 

      What's inside: neroli distillate, collodial silver, vegetable glycerin, essential oil blend of frankincense and rosemary

      Here's what Ana from Maryland has to say about rain... 

      "I've been using Rain for a little over a month now and become obsessed with using it at least twice a day. I can really see the difference it is making in cutting down on how oily my skin looks and managing breakouts. I even spray a little on my neck since I was experiencing breakouts here and it's totally cleared up. Besides the actual benefits I can see, Rain smells great and is calming. Pretty sure I can't live without it at this point!"